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Brian FoxWith a long history working within the bakery industry, Brian Fox owned and ran an extremely successful bakery in Wangaratta, specialising in a huge range of gourmet pies.

Brian's business was the envy of many businesses in Wangaratta, and his success was also reflected in a strong role within the economic development within the region.

Being able to assist in the development of other bakeries is a natural extension of Brian's baking and entrepreneurial skills. His passion for technology has become a very effective way for him to share his skills with others in the baking industry.

Brian relentlessly tours around Australia, visiting and photographing bakeries. This has provided him with a huge network of friends and business associates in the baking and related industries.

This regular contact has enabled Brian to further develop and refine the sharing of knowledge and technology to improve bakery operations and productivity.


The Rural City of Wangaratta is located on the main arterial road and rail line between Melbourne and Sydney

Road travel times 2.5 hours Melbourne international airport; 7 hours Sydney international airport

Population: Urban 18,000; Total population 29,000


  • Regional Shopping with major stores
  • Extensive schooling: Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, both Public & Private, TAFE and Adult education
  • Sporting facilities for all ages and most sports
  • Public & Private Hospitals

Major industries include:

  • Textiles
  • Agriculture
  • Wine
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Road transport and passenger bus hub